The White Keys
Wednesday July 28th, 2021
Prairie Five Building


The White Keys have been rocking parties around the country since 2007.  Using cover songs from the 1960s, 2000s, and EVERYTHING in between, the energetic duo brings a unique live experience to every occasion with years of experience playing for corporate events and parties, dance clubs, outdoor festivals, weddings, private events, and just about any event imaginable.


Leader and front man of the most widely known and traveled band in America, Johnny Holm is the most entertaining entertainer performing today. The show is dedicated to the fans, and they do most of the entertaining. Mostly impromptu, the show moves with the speed of lightning and changes direction as soon as "the pied piper" notices a lag. "Never a dull moment" was never a more true description.


Surrounding himself with the finest musicians in the Midwest, the band rocks, picks, and thunders along for 3-4 hours, almost non-stop from the first song to the last laugh.


Millions of people have seen Johnny over the years, and millions of people have been part of his fantourage.


The band plays in most of the United States but most dates are in the 5 state upper Midwest area. 

The Johnny Holm Band
Thursday July 29th, 2021


Saturday July 31st, 2021


Tripwire is an energetic, multi-genre band based in the upper-midwest. Four multi-instrumentalists play through five decades of music on 10+ instruments, while making a spectacle on stage with choreography, comedy, improvised hijinks, and trampolines! 


The Fabulous Armadillos
Friday July 30th, 2021


*Bring your own lawnchair & NO coolers allowed!

The Fabulous Armadillos came out of their shell in 2006 and have since established a large and loyal following in Central Minnesota with their spot on recreations of songs from many genres of music from Country to Motown to Heavy Metal to 70's Soft Rock and do them just like you remember. Close your eyes and you are listening to all those vinyl records again or your AM/FM radio. The idea of the Fabulous Armadillos started with a diverse group of musicians who came together to perform "themed" concerts at the Pioneer Place On Fifth Theater in St. Cloud, MN. Themes like "One Hit Wonders", "Woodstock", "Motown", "Singer/Songwriters", "Stadium Rock" and more. They have now played over 100's of themes at that theater as well as many regional venues in the Midwest and even in Mexico! Each show gaining them new fans and enjoying their brand of fun and entertaining, yet musically spot on performances.



Sherwin Linton & Pam
Sunday August 1st, 2021
Mini grandstand at Noon