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Merriams Midway Shows returns to Chippewa County Fair

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson

Montevideo American-News


The midway rides are perhaps one of the most popular parts of the Chippewa County Fair each year. For the last five years, Merriams Midway Shows has been the company providing rides and game booths in Montevideo. The company was founded in the 1940s. Owner Todd Merriam says, “We were originally out of Iowa, currently out of Texas and we do our summer route always up north in Minnesota, Iowa, the Dakotas, and Nebraska before we head back down to Texas.” 

The company originated in Iowa as a small carnival that traveled exclusively around that state before eventually venturing into Minnesota. “Since then we’ve played a number of different fairs in Minnesota,” says Merriam. “Currently we play five or six in Minnesota.” Merriams Midway Shows travels to six events in Minnesota and plays thirty events throughout the year. “This is a strange year because of what everybody went through last year,” says Merriam. “We didn’t know when we first decided to come north whether or not we’d even be able to have a fair in Minnesota so we had to take precautions for that.”

Merriams Midway Shows is currently traveling with twelve rides, which will all be set up in Montevideo for the Chippewa County Fair. Merriam says the most popular ride is the Zipper. “We’ve also got bumper cars, the Tornado, ones that we’ve had there in the past. Of course, everybody loves the Merry-Go-Round and the Ferris Wheel,” Merriam says.

The Chippewa County Fair midway opens Wednesday, July 28th at 6 p.m. “We’re excited to be back in business and have a fair again,” says Merriam. “So far everywhere we’ve been it’s been well received. Montevideo for the last five years has always been a nice stop for us. We’ve always enjoyed our time there. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy their county fair.”