Burnout Competition

Wednesday, July 28th at 7:00pm in the grandstand!

Birch Coulee Ranch Rodeo

Thursday, July 29th at 6:30pm in the 4-H horse arena!

Great Frontier Bull Riding

Saturday, July 31st in the Grandstand!

Majestik Spectacular


This incredible, thrill-packed motorcycle stunt show combines the finest sports athletes with the most amazing circus thrill acts in one spectacular show. Featuring fully staged productions with fantastic lighting and astonishing special effects created in a one of a kind set up,  Majestik Spectacular’s astounding performers will leave audiences breathless.  This phenomenal, awe-inspiring show is guaranteed to provide the outstanding highlight and memorable audience

Daily shows Wednesday through Sunday. 

Hillbilly Bob 

Daily shows Wednesday through Sunday. 

The attraction doesn’t center entirely around looking at the car but includes conversations with Hill in character as Hillbilly Bob while he shows off what the car can do. “I find a spot on the fairgrounds and as soon as I stop a crowd gathers there and I’ll do an hour at a time three to four times a day showing off all the things the car will do. I’ll be cooking Spam and eggs, biscuits and coffee on the motor. The car plays tunes and blows up balloons. It’s got a big sound system and I’ll play music through it. I make balloon animals and hats for the kids, show off all the different antiques. I’ve got all kinds of fun stuff on the car,” Hill says.


Mr. Peanut

Come & meet Mr. Peanut & his NUTmoblie on Sunday Only from Noon until 4pm!